“It was a little bit like a symbolic thing of angels descending into hell. That whole Dante’s Inferno side of things– we were trying to capture that vibe.”

There was incredible imagery scattered all over Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla movie, which crushed the box office this past weekend to the tune of $ 93 million, immediately igniting sequel talks. But perhaps none were as memorable as the halo jump, where a group of soldiers–including Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Ford Brody–leap out of a plane and slowly descend on a city overrun by giant, destructive monsters. 

In this week’s “Anatomy of a Scene” via The New York Times, Edwards takes us through the scene explaining how they shot it. “This really works well in IMAX 3D– you really feel like you’re falling with them,” he says. “It’s one of my favorite sequences in the movie.” Edwards says they mixed and matched the footage, shooting most of it on a soundstage, creating effects entirely with computers, and blending it with real footage of real skydivers. 

Unfortunately the scene cuts out before that amazing POV shot as we slowly slide down the side of Godzilla before Taylor-Johnson’s character reaches the ground, but we imagine they’re saving that commentary for the DVD/Blu-ray, which we’ll be devouring as soon as it’s available. 

What was your favorite scene in Godzilla?

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