While promoting the movie 42, Harrison Ford has been asked so many questions about Star Wars that it’s almost comical at this point. Well, actually it is comical, according to Jimmy Kimmel, who decided to do a little something different when Ford visited his late-night show. Instead of the typical Star Wars denial, Kimmel (with Ford’s approval) chose to bombard the actor with non-questions from folks dressed up as Star Wars characters.

The bit is funny and all, but things are kicked up a notch when Chewbacca makes an appearance. Instead of Ford treating Chewbacca as if it was someone dressed in costume, he instead channels Han Solo and goes off on the wookie for sleeping with his wife (Leia?). It’s an amusing bit, but what it does give us is a brief glimpse of what an aging (but still angry) Han Solo might look like should the character return for Star Wars Episode VII in 2015.

Yesterday we told you that Disney is planning on putting a Star Wars movie in theaters every summer beginning in 2015, which means announcements regarding that first film — a sequel to Return of the Jedi — will be arriving real soon. Knowing Disney likes to go big, we envision them reuniting Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in the same place (on stage at comic-con?) once it finally comes time for them to officially reveal which original Star Wars castmembers will be returning for the sequel.

Check out the clip below, and let us know whether you think Harrison Ford still has enough edge in him to play Han Solo.

[via Screencrush]


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