Her Blu-ray coverOne of the absolute finest movies of 2013 hits Blu-ray and DVD today. Of course we’re talking about Her, Spike Jonze’s beautiful, heartfelt, loving, and exquisitely acted look at relationships and how they can be (re)defined in this modern era where technology is so interwoven with every aspect of our daily lives.

The Blu-ray not only sounds and looks great (it may not be flashy, but Her has some of the best cinematography of 2013), but it contains a really neat making-of feature that shows off how Jonze went about creating the on-set atmosphere for his movie. It’s a cool, quirky documentary that’s a welcome alternative to most making-of segments that are just filled with talking heads, and we’ve got a funny clip from it to share with you that features Joaquin Phoenix having an accident with his most important prop while getting ready for a shot.

Check it out, and do grab Her on Blu-ray or DVD. If you still haven’t seen it yet, we promise you it’s a remarkable movie that belongs in anyone’s collection.


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