If four years and a mountain of student loans doesn’t appeal to you, Spy Kids and Machete director Robert Rodriguez has a cure for your film school blues. His “Ten-Minute Film School,” a 1993 episode from the Moving Pictures BBC television series that aired between 1991 and 1996, is essential viewing.

You can find several of his “10-Minute” segments on various Rodriguez DVD releases, but Filmmaker IQ spotted one of them online. Rodriguez emphasizes that budding filmmakers should take stock in what they have. It’s all about making what you know, but saving a little money doesn’t hurt either. His example: if your father owns a liquor store, make a movie about a liquor store (or set it in one). Learning the technical side of filmmaking allows you a certain independence in Rodriguez’s book. He believes that creative people often have to rely on too many others to bring their vision to life. There are tons of other handy tips in this clip. If you have a camera and the will, there’s a way with Rodriguez’s 10-minute film school.

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