Live daytime talk shows rarely give the impression that they’re actually airing live, except in instances when a guest zoo animal goes rogue or Gary Busey pees on the floor or someone shows up drunk (we’re looking at you, Kathie Lee and Hoda). But every once in a while, these shows intersect with an event that actually unfolds during a broadcast, providing a raw, uncensored look at talking heads being as authentic as you’ll ever see them.

Such was the case today on CBS’ The Talk, which was on the air when the Casey Anthony trial verdict of “not guilty” was announced (and subsequently made America’s collective blood pressure jump about three million points). Host Julie Chen looks like someone just hit her in the face with a frying pan, Holly Robinson Peete sounds like someone just ran over her dog, and Leah Remini is about to pick up the table and throw it across the room.

This type of situation is exactly where live television excels, and CBS’s decision to keep the cameras rolling on The Talk and not cut away to a news broadcast was a good one. With all the news-media outlets out there and the bombardment of straight-news broadcasts about this trial that we’ll see in the next 24 hours, getting to see real reactions while we heard the news will be great PR for the show and its panel.

Let’s try and leave Perez Hilton out the next time, though.

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