It may always go down as one of the sillier summer blockbusters, but when Independence Day landed in theaters back in 1996 over the July 4th holiday weekend, there was no denying that my teenage self fell hard for the alien invasion flick. Maybe it had more to do with our heightened level of patriotism that weekend than anything else, but when Bill Pullman ( as President Thomas J. Whitmore) launched into his pre-battle speech toward the end of the movie, you couldn’t help but want to stand up and fist-pound the guy. That speech will always go down as one of the greatest ever (as far as summer blockbusters go), but would it work outside the film all these years later?

Comedian Sean Kleier decided to find out by taking a megaphone to the streets of New York City on Independence Day to recite Pullman’s speech in front of large crowds of people. Would he get a reaction? Arrested by the police? Killed by an attacking alien? Watch the video below– along with Pullman’s original speech from the movie — and find out.

[via The Daily What]

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