While the name “Star Wars Episode VII” lingers on the tongue of every nerd across the world, let’s enjoy this spec ad by Bruce Branit, which features the gift of the century. A man and woman trade presents on their anniversary. She gets diamonds and a brand new car. Just when he thinks he’s getting another lame pair of boxers, out comes the Star Wars Millennium Falcon — complete with big, red bow.

It’s a fun spoof on those horrible car commercials that need to go die already. Bruce Branit and Lucamax Pictures wrote and directed the ad, which features a bunch of geeky easter eggs. We spotted at least four during our first run-through — but there are several more, including one that isn’t quite visible to the naked eye. “The wine is also a Pinot Greedo, but you can’t read it at this resolution,” the filmmaker advises.

Click on and fantasize about owning your very own Millennium Falcon (as if).

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