Wayne and Coleen Rooney have become more open when they are talking about their life, love as well as World Cup chances of England.

According to the Manchester United ace, the squad has a good chance to win. In fact, it involves good players, but one should not forget that various thinks can happen.

Wayne has become the Footballer of the Year, he believes that England has chances to lift the trophy in South Africa. But despite all that, his wife Coleen as well as seven-month-old baby Kai will not go with him to Africa, they will stay at home and will be watching from the comfort of their room.

Coleen will come to Africa, in case England manages to make the semi-finals.

According to Wayne, he will be missing Coleen and Kai. He won’t be at home for six month, during this time he has to focus on playing the World Cup.

As a mater of fact, the couple is hoping to extend their brood in the Hello magazine that features the fist post-baby interview of Denise Van Outen as well as a sneak peek at exclusive Afghanistan diary of David Beckham.

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