Of course, there is nothing pleasant in the end of any engagement. But what is the most difficult thing about it? We know the answer. It is practically impossible to say farewell to a luxurious diamond ring created by Neil Lane, especially when its diamond is of 2.72 carat. This sad story is about Vienna Girardi and her ex-fiancé’s present. Everybody knows that she was engaged with Jake Pavelka who is the sparkler Dallas pilot and a recent contestant of Dancing With the Stars. This guy made a proposal to Vienna Girardi and placed that chick ring on her finger. This happened on 1, March when the final episode of Bachelor was being shot.

Even Neil Lane, jeweler, was so surprised by the couple’s recent break-up. He gives an interview to PEOPLE in which he says that he has always hoped that a Cinderella ending is possible in our modern world. Real affection and love for Vienna were put into that ring, according to him, but he is not able to control everything that happens and this is really bad.

According to some sources the girl returned the ring to her ex-boyfriend on Tuesday during their closure interview organized by Chris Harrison, the host of Bachelor/Bachelorette.

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