“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

Nominated For: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Max Von Sydow)

What’s It About: Based on the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” follows Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn), a young boy who — after losing his father (Tom Hanks) in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 — finds a key in his dad’s closet. With the help of a mysterious older man named “The Renter” (Von Sydow), Oskar travels around Manhattan looking for the lock that the key belong to, convinced it was left behind as a sign from his father.

Why You Should See It: Despite having some of the worst reviews ever for a Best Picture nominee, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” isn’t all bad. Hanks, Von Sydow, Sandra Bullock and Jeffrey Wright all give wonderful performances, and while Horn’s Schell is an irritating lead character, the film still hits the right emotional beats. Those concerned about the 9/11 factor, shouldn’t be; “Extremely Loud” handles the national tragedy as best can be expected.

It’s Kind Of Like: “Hugo” mixed with “The 25th Hour,” but not as good as either.

How You Can See It: Out in theaters now.

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