Microsoft took a long time for producing an IM app for iPhone. Its Windows Live Messenger for iPhone includes many features, which we all only expect to see in an IM app. One complete screen is entirely dedicated to Windows Live and offers space in order to update your status. You can follow friends of your network and you are allowed to change your profile picture as well. If you want to go back to your email inbox just a small button will take you there.

The app in its center has list of your friends and you can add more friends in it. select also the friends for chatting, profiling and emailing. Meanwhile your open conversations are well taken care of through a chat screen and push notification pings you in case of a new chat even when you are closed for the app.

The option for uploading photos as well as to take new ones can be cited on the last screen if you wish to view your online Windows Live gallery. You can also caption the photos and then you can email them also.

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