Hurling a racial slur at a Pennsylvania grandmother reportedly led to Bam Margera’s close encounter with a baseball bat over the weekend.

Elizabeth Ray, 59, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment, after allegedly attacking the Jackass star with a bat outside the Note Nightclub in Margera’s hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania early Saturday.

“I’m innocent, and he’s a jackass just like his movies. He called me the N-word. He uses racial slurs, uses the N-word with black in front of it. I did not hit him, nobody hit him,” Ray insists.

While Bam’s mother April wouldn’t respond to allegations that her stuntman son is a racist, she is certain of one thing: Elizabeth Ray tried to kill him.

“She hit him over the head with a baseball bat, and she hit him while he was walking to his car. There was no fight. She’s just crazy and gives him a hard time all the time.”

Bam is co-owner of the Note, which is just steps from Elizabeth’s home, and the pair have previously sparred over noise violations.

Ray posted $10,000 bail and was released after her arraignment, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Best known for his appearances in MTV’s Jackass series, Margera, 30, was treated at a hospital for his injuries and released.

Film producers have been forced to rewrite a scene for the upcoming sequel Jackass 3D due to Bam’s injury. The star was reportedly set to shoot a stunt in which he takes a series of blows to the head for the film’s opening sequence, but the scene will now be re-written because of the concussion and internal bleeding Margera suffered in the alleged attack.

Jackass 3D is set for release Oct. 15.

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