Bad mood swings, raging hormones, a desire to raid the fridge — ugh, teenagers are the friggin’ worst! And they’re always making AWFUL decisions. But, then again, you can’t really blame them. Why? Well, just sit back right now and try to remember some of the stuff that you did as a teen. Yeah, pretty bad, right?

Well, thankfully, Hollywood makes it possible for us to avoid reliving these crazy experiences on a consistent basis, by releasing movies that show off the hilarious (and hilariously dumb) side of adolescence. A perfect example of this is in this weekend’s, “Fun Size,” which follows Wren, a teenager who is forced to babysit her little brother on Halloween night, but ends up losing him while they go trick-or-treating (yikes!).

So in honor of Wren’s messup — and for teenagers everywhere — let’s take a look at some of movie history’s most memorable teenage mishaps.

  • Ordering a keg to your parents house (‘Dazed and Confused’)

    If you’re going to have a party when your parents are away, at least make sure your friends bring the refreshments. Instead, you could end up with an untrustworthy/illiterate delivery guy at your door before the ‘rents have left.

  • Making a burn book (‘Mean Girls’)

    Making a burn book seems to be a right of passage for teenagers these days. But as the Plastics found out in “Mean Girls,” it turned out to be their biggest downfall.

  • Bullying social outcasts (‘Carrie’)

    In this 1976 horror classic, the consequences of bullying a high school girl is taken to the extreme when Carrie White unleashes hell on those who have done her wrong. <strong>(WARNING: VIDEO HAS SPOILERS)</strong>

  • Lying to your friend’s face (‘Rushmore’)

    In Wes Anderson’s 1998 comedy classic, Max Fischer (Jason Schwarzman) uses any means possible to get what he wants — even if it means lying to the whole school that he hooked up with his friend, Mason Gamble’s mom. Even worse? Lying about it when Mason confronts him. Luckily for Max, it all worked out in the end, as he and his friend eventually made amends.

  • Having a bad mood the day of your driver’s test (‘Clueless’)

    Tip to teenagers: Don’t get mad before your driver’s test. As Cher in “Clueless” can tell you, it won’t end well.

  • Don’t borrow your dad’s car without permission (‘Risky Business’)

    Tom Cruise thought he was slick taking his dad’s Porsche out on the town while his parents were gone — and then he went and locked the keys in the car and let it sink into a lake.

  • Taping your romantic encounter (‘American Pie’)

    Taping your romantic encounter with a foreign exchange student might seem like a “totally awesome idea” — until you hit the wrong button and send it to the entire school. Unfortunately, poor Jim found out the hard way and was forced to deal with the humiliation for … the next three sequels.

  • Buying a really bad fake ID (‘Superbad’)

    We do not condone underage drinking at all, however, if you ARE going to attempt it, using the “Superbad” route is a bad way to go. As you can see in a clip from the film, Fogell decides to get a fake ID, but instead of using his real name he goes with the memorable McLovin’.

  • Lock the door! (‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’)

    Look, there’s nothing wrong with, uh … pleasuring yourself — especially if you’re a teenager with raging hormones — but one piece of advice: Close and LOCK the door when you do it. Otherwise your sister’s friend could end up walking in on you, like Judge Reinhold’s character found out in this famous “Fast Times” <a href=”″>pool scene</a> with Phoebe Cates. (WARNING: CLIP AT THE LINK IS VERY NSFW)

  • Again, don’t borrow your dad’s car without permission (‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’)

    This incident may have been better for Cameron in the long run, but he still ended up destroying his father’s most beloved possession: a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California.

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