Ah, the masters. We love to compare filmmaking’s finest — especially when a younger auteur such as Paul Thomas Anderson enters the picture. The There Will Be Blood director has cited Martin Scorsese as an influence before, and critics have drawn comparisons between their bodies of work. The fellow filmmakers and friends united for a Wolf of Wall Street Q&A in Los Angeles, which we’ve featured for you here in three parts.

It’s no secret that Scorsese loves to talk, and once he gets going the stories fly. There’s a significant amount of time spent on discussing the dynamics of airplane sex scenes and beer pong (Scorsese had no idea what it was initially). Anderson amusingly asks the iconic director if he ever feels insecure about shooting a scene and what happens when all his preparations fall apart. There’s a story about that, too, which we’ll let you discover for yourself in these fantastic clips.

The Wolf of Wall Street is currently in theaters and has been nominated for five Academy Awards.

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