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Your Next Favorite Way to See Movies: Indoor Drive-Ins

Movie theaters will never die, even if it’s mostly because of nostalgia. Case in point, we’ve long thought the drive-in was dead but not only do many still exist throughout the country, there have been efforts to resurrect the idea in various ways. The latest is the August Moon Drive-In, a giant indoor cinema coming to Nashville next year.

No, you don’t actually drive into this drive-in, because the cars are already there. All retro vehicles to give you the experience of feeling like you’re back in the 1960s. Here’s a glimpse of what it will look like:

And here are more details, via Variety: 

– There will be a dome overhead with a fake starry sky, so no rained out shows.

– Other amenities to make it feel like the outdoors include “grass, trees, hammocks, fireflies, sunsets and the scent of meadow air.”

– The classic cars will be modified, presumably for comfort and dining. 

– The food will include the usuals plus burgers, shakes and other comfort food, though everything will be artisanal takes.

– The movies shown will include new releases and curated old favorites (’60s films would be key for the atmosphere).

– The screen will be the largest in North America that’s not IMAX. 

– The screen will sometimes feature live performers who can interact with the audience.

– Pricing will vary depending on location of the car you’re seated in, from $8 to $20.

– Going to a movie at August Moon will take three hours even if the movie is only 90 minutes, for the whole experience.

This isn’t the first time someone has made an indoor version of a drive-in with stationary modified cars. New York City is one place where the concept has been attempted in various sizes, and there’s also the Sci-Fi Drive-In at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and the junkyard drive-in.

However, this will be the most elaborate, it seems, and it’s no surprise the guy behind August Moon, Michael Counts, has been involved in escape rooms and other special entertainment attractions not specific to the movies. He hopes to make this an international chain if the first one is successful. 

We’ll see how the initial attempt does in mid-2018.


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