It is evident that the popularity of YouTube is continuing to grow. However, it proves that this media portal hasn’t practically changed from the moment of its origin.

It has been announced in tabloids that the Hulu will soon launch Hulu Plus, a subscription service. The user will have to pay $10 per month if he wants to get access to its full shows archive. Free access will give the possibility to watch 5 most recent episodes of each show.

The same rumours were spread concerning YouTube subscription services last year. Meanwhile, the site decided to make paid access to some of its media materials. This policy concerned primarily traditional classics such as MacGyver and Star Trek and included video rental services to this list.

There is such a feeling now that the site is going away from its premium content. At the very beginning of YouTube’s existence the major accent was made on its shows and movies – in other words on its premium content. But right at the moment this portal offers only popular stuff and everything what is advised.
In comparison with Hulu which proposes its subscription services, which is aimed at making money, and as a result is always under huge pressure concerning the quality of its content – YouTube doesn’t face such problems.

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