Zoe Saldana known for her smart collection is preparing herself again for the Oscar with smart choices.

Saldana is known to experience an interesting collection in the world of the red carpet fashion.

Last year while promoting for the Star Trek she had come up with unbelievable beautiful pieces. It was all because of that summer blockbuster that she became famous and soon started appearing on the red carpet showing off her stylish collections.

Last year she again came up with a role in a mega blockbuster by James Cameron Avatar. It found huge success especially in 3-D technology and again Saldana was out with her fashion steps to promote the movie.

Since the movie achieved large pillars of success and was nominated for the Oscars, it was very obvious for Zoe to again come at her best at the event.

But to everyone’s surprise, it was a confused lavender mess and everyone having faith in Zoe felt betrayed. Everyone gave a quick thought to their minds that how could their famous fashion queen do this to them and the Oscar night.

Her appearance in March has made everyone forget the itchy past and everyone is expecting to see a glamorous wardrobe collection again.

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