Lafangey Parindey an average entertainer

Yash Raj Films’ Lafangey Parindey is the story that is set in the backstreets of Mumbai and this is the story of One Shot Nandu (Neil) and Pinky Palkar (Padukone). They live together and are friends. Pinky aspires of winning a reality dance show on television, Nandu spends time with friends Chaddi, Diesel and Gulkand

Electronic Arts likely to release Dragon Age 2 tomorrow

Electronic Arts has said that its subsidiary company Bioware will develop Dragon Age 2, a complete sequel to the RPG franchise that was launched in 2009. The company reported that the game will be soon revealed and may be announced tomorrow. The press release from the company says that it had picked up the publishing

HTC Evo 4G dominates global smartphone market

Many people are so much influenced by the magic of HTC Evo 4G that they are ever willing to ignore other equally known brands like iPhone, Blackberry or Droid X. There are many stories of people giving preference to the HTC phone over the other established and popular smartphones. The reason for HTC Evo becoming

New HTC phone rumored to have been spotted

Though HTC has not officially announced release of its new smartphone, but rumors are that one such phone has already been spotted. Reports are being circulated that the phone is known by its name of HTC Mondrian and the Mozart. According to the speculations about the phone, it will run in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

Apple Unveils Updates for iMove and iDisk Apps

On Tuesday, Apple launched a universal iDisk app along with an update with the help of which one can fix a few unnamed bugs that were found in its mobile version of iMovie. MobileMe iDisk version 1.2 comes with a redesign for the bigger screen of iPad. Users are provided with an opportunity of sharing,

HTC EVO 4G Vs Droid X: Which Battery Is Better?

Nobody is against to have such features as a high-res 8-megapixel camera, 4.3-inch display, or speedy 1GHz processor on his her handset. But the thing is that your cell phone should be able to hold a charge with such features. Nowadays one can find various smartphones but the result of power management can be different: