Faced with poor sales and rumored strife with her longtime label home, RCA, Christina Aguilera’s playing a “Dirrty” blame game — and Lady Gaga’s at the center!

The buzzed-about failure of Aguilera’s heavily-promoted fourth album, Bionic, has reportedly shocked her label, prompting music insiders to say that her label RCA is in “rescue mode.” Sales for the disc barely hit 200,000 in nearly two months of release and Xtina’s got an idea why: Her pop nemesis Lady Gaga.

“Christina thinks fans saying she’s ‘Gaga lite’ has thwarted her success,” an industry tattle spilled to Britain’s NOW Magazine this week. “They’ve slammed her latest image as a poor imitation.”

NOW snoops even claim that the “Fighter” hitmaker’s been forced to accept private gigs after cancelling her summer tour due to low ticket sales (or a lack of rehearsal time, depending on who’s telling the story).

“Christina’s performing at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. She wanted to charge £1.3 million a time but her hubby Jordan Bratman convinced her to lower it to £157,000 so she’ll get more gigs. It’s embarrassing for someone once so successful to resort to this but blaming Gaga’s just crazy!”

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