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Every week, we finish watching “UnREAL” with the notion that it can’t get any crazier. And every week, we are proven wrong. Monday’s (July 25) episode dropped a couple major bombshells. We not only got answers as to what Yael (Monica Barbaro) — aka Hot Rachel — has been up to, but we also get some back story behind Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby)… Continue reading Rachel and Yael have some ‘UnREAL’ secrets to tell


J.K. Rowling could’ve stopped working after the first “Harry Potter” film hit theaters back in 2001, but after releasing those masterful books, the author has yet to stop churning out magical material. She helped produce all seven “Harry Potter” anthology movies, the upcoming prequel-ish “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and helped build Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Highlight on New Movie Released DVD

It’s been proven that therapy only works when you keep at it. So after what seems like eons, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel went back in for another round of couples therapy during Monday’s (July 25) episode.

This time around, it feels like some progress was actually being made as the two suss out more of their issues… Continue reading Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel give therapy another shot

We kinda feel like we just personally got eliminated from The Bachelorette.

Tonight’s fantasy suite adventure was brutal, starting with the elimination we were dreading: poor, poor Luke.

Despite having treated JoJo to the most beautiful hometown date before pulling her aside to tell her he loved her, JoJo still sent Luke home. She then cried and cried as if it