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The first two days of Comic-Con International are behind us now, and there’s been plenty of news coming out of San Diego so far.

Yesterday, we put together a list of announcements, previews, and other news that might have slipped under your radar from the first day of the show, and now we’re doing the same for Day Two.

There’s a lot going on in San Diego right… Continue reading Ghost Rider Roars To TV, King Kong Gets Bigger, And More News You Might Have Missed From Comic-...


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Just when we think the worst is behind us, “The 100” likes to throw a new apocalyptic curve ball our way. By the end of Season 3, it seemed like Clarke (Eliza Taylor) had saved everyone from the evil artificial intelligence program that’s been warping their minds, only… Continue reading ‘The 100’ cast teases Season 4 nuclear apocalypse


It’s time for Zap2it’s weekly “Big Brother 18” power rankings — and they’re a bit different in week 5 because the teams have been disbanded, the Road Kill competition is over and there are only two nominees from here on out.

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This means people are no longer protected by their teammate’s HOH… Continue reading ‘BB 18’ power rankings week 5: The teams are done, so who’s sitting pretty now?

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On Friday (July 22), “Bates Motel” dropped an unexpected bombshell on San Diego Comic-Con when they announced at their panel that Rihanna has officially joined the cast to take on the iconic character of Marion Crane. Needless to say, that news came seemingly out of left field and left many fans dancing for joy. Not only… Continue reading SDCC 2016: Rihanna lights a fire under the ‘Bates Motel’ cast