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On Friday (July 22), “Bates Motel” dropped an unexpected bombshell on San Diego Comic-Con when they announced at their panel that Rihanna has officially joined the cast to take on the iconic character of Marion Crane. Needless to say, that news came seemingly out of left field and left many fans dancing for joy. Not only… Continue reading SDCC 2016: Rihanna lights a fire under the ‘Bates Motel’ cast

One unsuspecting audience at Comic-Con got a lot more than they bargained for Friday night when what seemed like an ordinary advanced screening of the September horror movie The Woods actually revealed itself to be a screening of the third Blair Witch movie — a sequel fans have been waiting years to see.

The 440 people inside that theater (including Fandango) will forever be… Continue reading Surprise! 'The Woods' Is Actually a Sequel to 'The Blair Witch Project'

Donald Trump Joker and Hillary Quinn at Comic-Con 2016 SOURCE: Getty

One of the great things about San Diego’s annual Comic-Con festivities is that although they attract the biggest names in Hollywood, anyone can be a star with the help of some makeup, a cool costume and a fierce red carpet pose.

It’s true again in 2016, as the halls of the convention center… Continue reading 2016 SDCC: ‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Star Wars’ and other awesome cosplay

The Legend of Tarzan Synopsis

Many years after he left Africa behind, Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) returns to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary, unaware that he is actually a pawn in a Belgian captain’s (Christoph Waltz) deadly plot.

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