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Harry Potter has one of the greatest worlds ever woven into fiction. Anyone who disagrees has never actually read any of J.K. Rowling’s books. The eight movies adapted from seven books all do a tremendous job of bringing it to life, but even those had to leave out so many details from Rowling’s magical world.

Rowling’s imagination didn’t just stop with the story surrounding… Continue reading New 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Trailer Brings Magic to New York

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On Thursday (July 21), a bearded Jon Stewart came out of retirement to put the smack down on Fox News anchor Sean Hannity (or, as Stewart calls him: Lumpy). On his radio show Friday, Hannity returned fire, calling the onetime “Daily Show” host an “idiot.”

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“Attack me all you want,” begins Hannity, who Stewart called hypocritical for criticizing Barack Obama… Continue reading Sean Hannity responds to Jon Stewart’s smackdown: ‘You’re a fool’

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If you’ve been playing “Pokemon Go,” you may have wondered what it would take to catch them all. Finally, you have your answer: Walking nearly a hundred miles in two weeks, catching nearly 5,000 creatures and hatching several hundred eggs.

For the first time since its debut earlier this month, someone has caught all 142 Pokemon available in the hit… Continue reading ‘Pokemon Go’ master becomes first player to ever catch ’em all

You know the story of King Kong. Man finds remote island populated with giant monsters. Man takes one of those monsters back to the mainland. Things end poorly. 

You know the story of King Arthur. There’s a legendary sword lodged in a stone that nobody can remove. Until one day an unassuming man does what no one else could and takes the sword, signifying him… Continue reading 'Kong: Skull Island' and 'King Arthur' Trailers Both Promise Bold New Reboo...