In (N-Secure) Insecure movie Cordell Moore stars in the role of David Alan Washington, a winning company man who is obsessed among time and schedules. He is furthermore a perfectionist and neat freak with no space for naturalness in his living. Essence Atkins plays Robin Joyner , his live-in girlfriend. She loves David, or at least the rich life he affords for her. David decides it is moment for him in his life to be married and proposes in an unromantic means. Essence, who is a wedding planner claims she wants time. David, an ex-marine gives her time to make up her intellect and plan the wedding…until his birthday, seven months 18 days away. After that if they aren’t married she goes out the door. Essence reluctantly agrees still although she doesn’t love David, he did rescue her since the projects. Isaac, who just bought engaged delivers wine for the wedding. Robin seduces Isaac and as they are rolling around on the floor, nearly in the act, as both David and Isaac’s fiancee drive up.

The happy duo scrambles and are a bit out of air, but aren’t trapped per se. David examines the scene plus suspects infidelity. They almost pulled if off until Jill notice’s Isaac’s fly in undone. Then things start happening speedily. David quickly hooks up with Tina, the gold digging cousin of his receptionist. Isaac dies in a car wreak, a brake catastrophe the law enforcement imagine was a suicide. Robyn is pregnant with David’s child who troubles a restraining order against her. David is very arrogant, possessive, jealous, i.e. border line psycho. The film keeps shifting, typically around David’s nature. Here is no secret to the movie, it pretty greatly reveals you the whole thing. It is more like a pilot for an African-American soap opera. Acting was suitable and there was some jammin’ blues played in the middle. Individual especially brief nude scene no sex, no f-bombs, but use the “d” word in an grownup approach designed for N-Secure film – Insecure movie released in 2010.

DVD Release Date: June 14, 2011

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