There’s no love lost between twin bombshell Karissa Shannon (rumored sex tape co-star of Heidi Montag) and former Playboy Playmate and Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson, but the girls could be headed for a knockdown, hair-pulling drag-out catfight once Kendra gets wind of Karissa’s next Get Rich Quick scheme.

Shannon is penning a tell-all expose about her exploits at the infamous Playboy Mansion and the forthcoming tome will likely include a few less than flattering tidbits about Wilkinson.

(Grabs popcorn and eagerly awaits unfolding drama…)

“Kendra’s always been really jealous of me,” a curt Shannon told Life & Style Weekly’s Sept. 6 issue. “It seems like she always has negative things to say. I think it has to do with having the baby – maybe she’s a little more insecure about her weight and her relationship with her husband now that her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape of her,” she quipped.

Karissa claims the Playmate-turned-mom left out some sordid details about her life in her autobiography, Sliding Into Home, released earlier the year.

“Kendra is definitely scared. I’m sure she wishes that she could go back into her book and [explain] some more things now.”

So what will Karissa expose about Kendra?

“I’ll be talking about Kendra’s partying – things I saw [at the Playboy Mansion] that no one would believe.”

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