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Knight and Day — the new action flick from Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz — doesn’t hit theaters until next month, but producers are already working overtime to get us into one of the overpriced seats down at the local cinema to watch Cruise and Diaz kick some espionage ass. Check out this new […] Continue reading Tom Cruise Takes A Swift Kick From Cameron Diaz! [VIDEO]

Common, Queen Latifah, Just WrightReview in a Hurry: This basketball-themed rom-com shoots but never quite scores. Queen Latifah stars as a physical therapist who totally crushes on an NBA All-Star player while helping him…

Naomi Watts has been cast as sceen icon Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic – do you think she can pull off the blonde bombshell?Watts will begin shooting Blonde — based on the best-selling book by Joyce Carol Oates — in January. The book is a 700 page fictionalized account of Monroe’s life that caused […] Continue reading Naomi Watts Marilyn Monroe Biopic “Blonde”

Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work, opening in select theaters June 11. The documentary — which debuted to solid reviews at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan — offers an insightful look at one of the oldest, most daring comics of our age. Continue reading Joan Rivers Documentary “A Piece Of Work” Trailer

Lin Yu Chun — the Taiwanese chubster who’s eye-popping rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” on an Asian talent show made him a YouTube sensation — has inked a recording contract with Sony Music!Lin is learning English and will release an album of both Chinese and English covers in July! Chun’s Cinderella […] Continue reading “Taiwanese Susan Boyle” Lin Yu Chun Sony Music Record Deal