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Zoe Saldana known for her smart collection is preparing herself again for the Oscar with smart choices.
Saldana is known to experience an interesting collection in the world of the red carpet fashion.
Last year while promoting for the Star Trek she had come up with unbelievable beautiful pieces. It was all because of that summer blockbuster […] Continue reading Zoe Saldana Felt Betrayed

Lindsay Lohan and her ex-gf Samantha Ronson are again a topic of discussion. They both have again started fighting in public.
The drama between the two never warms up. The two were again found indulged in a spat in Hollywood last night. Although the initiator is unknown, but as always Lindsay says that she is […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Gets Nasty

Michael Douglas’s son has been sentenced to prison for 5 years after he was found taking heroin and large amounts of other drugs outside a hotel room.
Cameron Douglas was found guilty of the charges in January last year and was arrested outside a hotel in Manhattan.
Douglas had even apologized in the court for his addiction […] Continue reading Sentenced to 5 Years, Michael Douglas’s Son

Heather Locklear was unexpectedly arrested for a 4 AM hit-and-run accident on Saturday. The accident took place at an intersection near her Westlake Village gated community.
The actor who has worked in ‘Melrose Place’ found her black BMW knocked over the ‘No Parking’ signboard. This has only been investigated uptil now and no other information is […] Continue reading 4 AM Hit-And-Run – Heather Locklear

The McKinley High’s hallway turned into another world yesterday night in the expected Glee when the music of beautiful lady and singer Madonna were played in it. Sue Sylvester in her various demands demanded the Madonna’s hits to be played at the loudspeakers for the whole day continuously. She feels that nobody can inspire the […] Continue reading Glee Feels the Power