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According to the recent news by the Oscar winning actress, Sandra Bullock who filed a case for her divorce with her husband James and is seeking the adoption of Louis, her very adorable son, is facing up with the new problem of her home, for where she would stay along with her son.
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Actress Lindsay Lohan recently in the Los Angeles confessed that she do miss out some weekly alcohol treatment sessions but also at the same time she came up with the statement that she however, makes up for those classes.
Shawn Chapman Holley, the attorney of the actress stated on Friday, that there has been no […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan to Be Jailed?

If the recent media reports are to be believed, then the model Gabriel Aubrey and the actress Halle Berry have split up. According to the report from the TMZ website in the celebrity gossip it has been perceived that the duo had been in relation for a very small-term custody arrangement.
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Remember, Bret Michaels who has been suffering lately from brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized due to his serious condition. Well the contestant of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ who leads the team is hoping to make a full speedy recovery.
The chief of cerebro vascular surgery, Dr. Joseph Zabramski at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s […] Continue reading Bret Michaels Wants to Live a Lot

Recently on a “Tonight Show” to be telecasted on Sunday to air on “60 Minutes”, Conan O’Brien in the interview made his first post that the quarrel that happened late night between him and Jay Leno, if would have been happened with reverse roles then he would have done what Jay did.
He added that […] Continue reading Conan O’Brien Will Never Do what Jay Leno Did to Him