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A prequel to Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 cinema gem Jackie Brown is in the works — sans the trendsetting lensman, according to Elmore Leonard’s hit novel The Switch — which first introduced the world to Robert DeNiro and Samuel L. Jackson’s villainous characters Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara — is being adapted for the [...] Continue reading “Jackie Brown” Prequel “The Switch”

Xtina has x-ed out her summer tour — and she wants her fans to know why. The singer was set to tour North America with British singing star Leona Lewis in a tour kicking off in Connecticut on July, but now the dates have been pushed back until 2011 and the announcement came just four days [...] Continue reading Christina Aguilera Explains Tour Cancellation

Patrick Swayze’s widow has teamed up with Extra TV to help the critically and terminally ill as a patient advocate.Lisa Niemi, who nursed Swayze through his final days as he battled pancreatic cancer, has been added to the Lifechangers Team on the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine. Lisa’s job is to provide emotional and physical support to [...] Continue reading Patrick Swayze Widow Lisa Niemi “Extra TV” Patient Advocate

Facing a wrongful death lawsuit and life without her beloved chimpanzee companion, Travis, Sandra Herold — the owner of the chimp that mauled her friend beyond recognization in a brutal attack last year — died of aneurysm in Connecticut this week. Charla Nash was visiting Herold and Travis at their home in Stamford in February 2009 [...] Continue reading Sandra Herold, Mauling Chimp Owner, Dies

Can you believe that it’s Simon Cowell’s last night as the acid-tongued voice of reason on American Idol? Well, here’s something you’ll believe even less: Justin Timberlake are Lindsay Lohan are reportedly being lined up as his potential replacements!While Justin — a former Mouseketeer and boy bander — managed to carve his tenure with Nsync [...] Continue reading Justin Timberlake Or Lindsay Lohan — The Next “American Idol” Judge?!