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Katrina Kaif has scored over Sharukh Khan in popularity as far as downloading of the content from web is concerned. According to a study, the Bollywood actress is most searched and downloaded from the mobile web amongst the film celebrities and not even Sharukh matches to her popularity.
In the international category, Akon is […] Continue reading Katrina more popular than Sharukh Khan

The Kites has already been released worldwide and a shorter version for the western audience by the name of Kites Remixed is also being released shortly. This has put the American people in dilemma over the choice from the two versions of the movie.
In North America, the film was rated amongst 10 highest […] Continue reading Will American prefer Remix version of Kites?

Micro-blogging service Twitter is building a firewall to block out third party advisements. The move by the social networking site is to bring in integrity of the site and also to have more control over its monetization.
According to a Twitter official, the primary concern here is the long-term health of the site and […] Continue reading Twitter to eliminate third-party ads

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Eric Stonestreet had a novel idea for his “Modern Family” audition. The pilot script merely described the character Cameron as the more “passionate” and “expressive” of the show’s gay couple. So a few nights before the audition, Stonestreet, who is not gay but prides himself on his ability to mimic almost anyone, decided he would … Continue reading Fresh faces may enliven Emmys

For millions of visitors to the Google home page, Pac-Man was a major distraction. This is what a study has revealed in its findings. If statistics are to be believed, then it can easily be concluded that the game, after it was placed on the search engine’s front page, has been a disaster in terms […] Continue reading Pac-Man caused loss of millions of dollars and time