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First The Divine Lady Liza tried her hand at Beyonce, now it’s Reba McEntire’s turn to put her Southern twang on a Bey ballad. The country queen performed “If I Were A Boy” — penned by BC Jean and made famous by Mrs. Knowles-Carter — during a live performance on Country Music Television’s Unplugged series […] Continue reading Reba McEntire Covers Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” [VIDEO]

Gaga’s ready for her closeup — on CNN’s Larry King Live! According to King’s Twitter feed, the bespectacled interviewer will sit down for a chat with the new Princess of Pop during his top-rated primetime talk show next week. King Tweeted on Monday evening: “Are you ready for this? Coming next week to Larry King Live…. @LADYGAGA!” Continue reading Lady Gaga “Larry King Live” Debut Next Week!

It’s in human nature to try and measure everything around us, to better understand us. However, some are not happy with meters, kilograms or liters. Instead, they create new ways of analyzing nature. Some are just bored, and create funny units. Others create new scales to look at data in new and exciting ways. But […] Continue reading 14 Weird Measurements And Scales

After his headscratching and side-splittingly frightening Mamma Mia audition leaked to the Innernets last week, we knew it was only a matter of time before we were treated to more hilarious audition tapes from American Pie’s own Chris Klein. Boy, that Katie Holmes sure knows how to pick ‘em. Continue reading Chris Klein “Mamma Mia!” Audition Tape [Parody]

Country singer Mindy McCready was admitted to a Florida hospital on Tuesday. McCready, 34, was admitted to a hospital in Cape Coral, Florida after a suspected chemical reaction to painkillers, has learned. According to Mindy’s mom — Gayle Ingle — the trouble star broke her toe on Saturday night and had been pain pills […] Continue reading Mindy McCready Hospitalized In Florida