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At Cannes, the buzz on likely winners of the festival’s top prize Sunday is keeping fashionistas and film-makers alike awake at nights, as brands and movies fight for red carpet limelight.A city studd Continue reading Fashion gears up for Cannes red carpet finale

An undated photo provided by the Woods family of coal miner James Woods, right, of Cool Ridge, W.Va. and his son Jeremy Woods, center, and son-in-law Welton Lilly. Both James Woods and Jeremy Woods were survivors of the mine explosion on April 5, 2010 at the Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, W.Va. (AP Photo/ the Woods Family … Continue reading Mine Explosion-Survivor

So long, Spidey! Ivy League-bound screen star James Franco has signed up to star in a prequel of Planet Of The Apes. The actor played the web-slinger’s nemesis Harry Osborn in all three of the Spider-Man movies, now he’s heading to another blockbuster franchise, playing a young scientist in forthcoming film Rise of the Apes. The […] Continue reading James Franco “Planet Of The Apes” Prequel

Megan Fox’s loss could mean a big career gain for tall, bald, and surgically-altered reality star Heidi Montag.Montag is hoping to star in the next installment of Transformers 3. No, not as one of the robots (although she already has enough plastic parts to make a pretty convincing one). Mrs. Pratt apparently wants to […] Continue reading Heidi Montag Wants In On “Transformers 3″

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – Want to spend a night with Michael Jackson’s possessions? The Japanese promoter of a collection of his belongings on display in Tokyo can make that dream come true on the first anniversary of the pop icon’s death. Starting Sunday, fans in Japan are expected to line up for the chance to spend one night inside … Continue reading Jackson fans to spend night among his possessions