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The crook who robbed Indian-American actor-turned-politician Kal Penn at gunpoint may now be regretting – because the Secret Service has joined the investigation of the case, it has emerged.
Penn, real name Kalpen Modi, was robbed earlier this week in Washington D.C. by an unidentified man who fled with his wallet and personal belongings.
According to, […] Continue reading US Secret Service now investigating Kal Penn robbery case

Two newspapers published in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will now be available as mobile phone applications.
The Al Ittihad and The National, published by the Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) released Wednesday a slate of new applications to deliver their content directly to mobile phones.
The customised mobile editions and iPhone applications are free for […] Continue reading Gulf newspapers now on mobile phones

Film: “The Bounty Hunter”; Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Gio Perez, Joel Garland, Jason Kolotouros; Director: Andy Tennant; Rating: *
The basic premise for this comedy is decent. There’s not a man in the world that would not die for a chance to wreak vengeance on an ‘ex’ he hates. Sadly director Andy Tennant, who gave […] Continue reading ‘The Bounty Hunter’ – worth a miss

Brooke Shield is happy that the photographer who clicked her nude picture of her as a child was not able to make out profit from it, calling his financial struggles “justice”.
The ‘Pretty Baby’ star posed nude for photographer Garry Gross as a pre-teen and alleges that he tried to make money by selling the picture […] Continue reading Brooke Shield discusses underage nude pic

Pamela Anderson has confessed that her dream job is to play a Bond Girl.
She admitted that the role in the Bond series is what she aims at.
“Wouldn’t that be great? I could check that off ‘the list’ if it happened. I’m going to start preparing for that possibility,” The Daily Star quoted her as saying. […] Continue reading Pammie says her dream job would be playing a Bond Girl