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Move over Snooki, there’s a new ethnic-themed reality docu-trainwreck being shopped to the networks and Jon Gosselin’s former flame is a frontrunner to join the cast. Hailey Glassman — who briefly dated the cash-strapped Octodad during his divorce from ex-wife Kate — is campaigning for a role on Jewish American Princesses (JAP), a proposed series described […] Continue reading Hailey Glassman A Favorite For “Jewish American Princesses” Reality Show

Those new boobs are working wonders for Kate Hudson. The blonde beauty — often celebrated as one of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies -– is taking on a new starring role: Almay’s Global Brand Ambassador. Hudson is the official face of the cosmetics brand. “Almay is known for its fresh, effortless approach to beauty,” Kate said […] Continue reading Kate Hudson Almay Global Ambassador

The once sheltered children of the late Michael Jackson have become Internet sensations after homemade webcam videos of Michael’s two youngest children horsing around with a cousin were leaked to YouTube. The videos of Paris and Blanket Jackson, ages 8 and 12, that ended up on the Internet this week have come to the attention […] Continue reading Leaked VIDEOS Turn Michael Jackson’s Kids Into Web Stars

The end of a television institution is among us: NBC has cancelled Law & Order after an almost record-setting 21 seasons on the air, confirmed on Thursday. The cast and crew of the NBC crime drama — that spawned three spinoffs Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, and the ill-fated Trial By Jury – were […] Continue reading “Law & Order” Cancelled

Proving that the Apple doesn’t fall too far from the Looney, the father of teen star Miley Cyrus says the controversial star was just “having fun” in a recently-leaked video that shows the Hannah Montana actress dirty dancing with a 44-year-old man. “It’s what people her age do,” ’90s country star Billy Ray Cryus told TMZ […] Continue reading Billy Ray Cyrus “A-Ok” With Miley Lap Dancing