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Lindsay Lohan creates headache to the judiciary by not making her performance at the review hearing. She gives lame excuses for not appearing the court.
The most recent excuse is that she lost her passport at the Cannes Film Festival and that she has already reserved for the trip. This is not been approved by the [...] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan gives lame excuses to the court

At the beginning of this week the CW network made and announcement that the upcoming season of “Smallvile” would be its last. This is the tenth season of “Smallville” which was a hit among the television audiences. There are some hints that the last season would be focused around Darkseid.
“Smallvile” fame Tom Welling in a [...] Continue reading Tom Welling Wants Lex Luthor to Be Back For the Final Season

Recently Amanda Seyfried has admitted openly that she was unhappy with her boyfriend Dominic Cooper. They are at the verge of a break up and the gossips that the two have ended their relationship holds true. The break up is not been assumed to last long, but decides to take a break in their relationship.
They [...] Continue reading Amanda and Dominic decided to breakup

Results of joint entrance exams conducted by Indian Institute of Technology are likely to be announced on May 26, 2010, according to the sources. The IIT JEE results will be declared on the institute’s official website students can also see the results on
The joint entrance examinations were held for [...] Continue reading IIT JEE results on May 26

A sort of emergency situation has cropped up in western region of the U.S following reports that many states in this part of the country have witnessed salmonella poisoning from alfalfa sprouts.
Many cases of salmonella infections have been documented and these are connected to alfalfa sprouts that are distributed as Caldwell Fresh Foods, [...] Continue reading Sprout food causes eSprout food causes epidemic in west US