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American soldiers gyrating to Lady Gaga in a video spoof will not face any reprimand for their massive YouTube hit, the US Army said Thursday. The video by paratroopers in western Afghanistan dancing in a choreographed remake of Lady Gaga’s hit “Telephone” has attracted more than 3.5 million views and made a young sergeant an overnight online star … Continue reading No security risk in grooving to Gaga, US Army says

The renowned film maker Karan Johar planned to make film starring the two most happening hunks of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor but his plans may now work the way Karan wants.
The sources reveal that Karan Johar recently approached heart throb Ranbir with 3 scripts to be made under the Dharma productions […] Continue reading Ranbir Kapoor refused to do a Film with Shah Rukh Khan

The41-year-old Australian pop star Kylie Minogue whose love life issues have always been a source of gossip recently revealed that there is no upcoming news of her getting married.
The diva is professionally so successful but has always been unlucky in personal affairs of love. But the lady has been in a long-lasting […] Continue reading Kylie Minogue says she may never marry

Nowadays when SSDs are available only for 100$, Intel is also expected to release a 600GB 25 nm SSD by the end of 2010.
SSDs being more efficient than Hard Disk drives have higher read/write speeds, consume less power as well as are smaller in size. SSD have a drawback that they have a short life
Intel […] Continue reading Intel may unveil its 600GB 25 nm Solid State Disk in 2010

From past 15 years Salman Khan has always been seen wearing Feroza bracelet that he considers a lucky charm for himself. But Salman is professional enough to compromise for his roles in film. The actor will be seen without his favorite bracelet in his upcoming film Dabanng.
The sources reveal that is playing the role of […] Continue reading Salman compromises to remove his Lucky Bracelet for Dabanng