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Recently, when the Oscar winning lady Sandra Bullock filed her divorce case in the court from her husband Jesse James and also registered an adoption case to be a single mom of her son Louis, James her husband told the PEOPLE that there exists a huge hole in his heart and all his life he [...] Continue reading Reaction of Jesse James to Divorce Filing

Alexander McQueen, the famous fashion designer recently committed suicide by intake of a mixture of the cocaine, the tranquillizers and also the sleeping pills, then hanging him up said the inquiry held.
It is being said that the 40 years old Alexander was under immense pressure from the work and also in a great depression [...] Continue reading Because of Drugs Alexander McQueen committed suicide

Tenor Andrea Bocelli, rock star Bryan Adams to headline grand finale concert at World Cup Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams will perform at a FIFA-endorsed concert in South Africa to mark the end of the World Cup. Concert organizers said Thursday that Bocelli will take center stage at the “Celebrate Africa, the Grand Finale” event … Continue reading Bocelli to headline grand finale concert at WCup

A dying comedian’s cremation urn is being customized to bring us some very “enlightening” messages from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.The animal rights group has forked over $200 to place ads blasting KFC and dog breeders on the urn that will hold the remains of Aaron Jamison. The Springfield, Oregon man, who is [...] Continue reading PETA Purchases Ad Space On Dying Man’s Urn

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Meet Darius, tipping the scales at 50 pounds, the Great Continental is the new Guinness Book record holder for the world’s largest rabbit. Not only does the floppy-earred creature measure 48 inches from nose to feet, he’s insured for $1.5 million! Now that’s one very [...] Continue reading Meet Darius & Annette Edwards, The World’s Biggest Bunny & His Jessica Rabbit-Obsessed Owner