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Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi is hoping unheralded fast bowler Mohammad Irfan gets the go ahead for the World Twenty20 championship beginning in Guyana from April 30.
Shahid Afridi feels the 6ft 8inch tall Irfan can be a “surprise weapon” for Pakistan in the tournament.
But even after voting in favour of picking the 27-year-old left-arm pacer from [...] Continue reading Afridi wants rookie fast bowler in World T20 squad

Julia Roberts won the Oscar for playing her, but for Erin Brokovich, the movie based on her life and name was more of a curse than a blessing.
The movie portrayed her real-life fight against water contamination in the tiny town of Hinkley, California.
Brokovich has revealed that while she was basking in her new-found fame and [...] Continue reading For real Erin Brokovich, Oscar-winning movie was a curse

John Lennon fans believe they have uncovered an area in the late Beatle’’s Surrey home where he hid his stash of LSD almost four decades ago.
Builders digging up the lawn of Lennon’’s old house, Kenwood, have discovered the remains of a leather holdall containing numerous large broken glass bottles, reports the Sun.
It is believed [...] Continue reading John Lennon fans uncover his hidden LSD stash area

Eating more foods containing the B-vitamins folate and B-6 lowers the risk of death from stroke and heart disease for women and may reduce the risk of heart failure in men, says a Japanese study.
“Japanese people need more dietary intake of folate and vitamin B-6, which may lead to the prevention of heart disease,” said [...] Continue reading Diet high in B-vitamins lowers heart risk

The government will specify by May 15 a separate set of regulations for disposal of e-waste, parliament was informed Monday.
“Disposal of e-waste is becoming an increasingly important challenge for the government. Therefore, there is a need to take more precautionary measures. We will have a separate set of rules for this by May 15,” Minister [...] Continue reading Separate rules for e-waste disposal by May 15: Ramesh