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A pair of thieves in Denver, Colorado wanted a man’s iPad so badly that they ripped off his little finger to get it, according to local media reports Tuesday.
The victim, Bill Jordan told FOX31 News that he bought the device to give as a business gift last week and that he was attacked by two […] Continue reading iPad thieves rip off man’s finger

It seems, Amy Winehouse and her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, are making a new start of their relation. They got divorced less than a year before. Amy Winehouse is a Grammy-winning singer, 26. Last weekend she celebrated her ex-husband’s 28th birthday by visiting to the Jazz after Dark bar in London. As per statement given by […] Continue reading Amy Winehouse and Ex-Husband Fresh Feelings

Bret Michaels has undergone for an emergency appendectomy, a surgical removal of the vermiform appendix last week, on the night when he though that he could perform for the show. But when he realized that he was in great danger, he went for the surgery immediately.
As per a blog written by the rocker and […] Continue reading Bret Michaels Could Have Died

On April 19, Dr. Drew Pinksy remained standing on his comments that if Lindsay Lohan were his daughter, he’d set her up to get arrested as a means of getting her into rehab. In his letter on the Huffington Post website, he said that he can go to any lengths for the treatment of his […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Is A Daughter Of …

Justin Bieber may not have won any award during Juno Awrads on Sunday, but his performance grabbed the whole show, when Canuck Drake joined him on the stage. Before beginning the performance he said that he had big surprises for the night and he proved it.
He performed on a hit number from his recent […] Continue reading Drake Joins Justin Bieber