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Ever style icon, Susan Sarandon was sporting her accessory at Wednesday’s New York premiere of HBO’s biographical TV show about right-to-die activist Jack Kevorkian, You Don’t Know Jack: a black foot bandage and crutches.
The Oscar winner played a joke about that a reason was break dancing excluding later enlightening, which was that […] Continue reading Susan Sarandon’s Premiere

Divorces are seldom easy, they may even cause children to go into depression, they also break two people emotionally as well as physically and when the victims are rich and famous, they end up in worst situation. Recently, a divorce case was filed between a 76 year old person Larry King and his seventh wife […] Continue reading Larry King Divorced?

This is one of the dances that Kate Gosselin has grown tired of.
While she is preparing to promote her book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family, and same time competing on Dancing with the Stars, she is facing a fight with her ex-husband […] Continue reading Kate Gosselin Concerned about Kids

A commemorative plaque service for a family patriarch goes awfully askew, starting with the rescue of the wrong unbendable and ending of a naked guy. This may sound dreadfully well-known, & on the way to anyone who saw Death at a Funeral three years back.
When the funny side was a plummeting British farce set in […] Continue reading Death at Funeral Now On

The movement when Houston left the stage for a long-lasting attiring change, the listeners became impatient. Gary Houston, made several trials to keep the mob of 15,000 amused with a solo presentation of one of the sister’s tracks, as well as her three backup singers presented a version owned by them belonging to the Houston […] Continue reading Whitney Houston’s Comeback