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Pigs and cows frolicking on farms across this great nation will rest easier tonight knowing that their hinds are safe from the stomach of a Hollywood hasbeen. Nicolas Cage — who blew a multimillion dollar fortune on dinosaur skulls and odd crypts — has reached a new level of weirdness; he only eats creatures who [...] Continue reading Nic Cage Will Only Eat Animals Who Have “Dignified” Sex

Bret Michaels tells Oprah Winfrey he is increasing rehab to twice a day after hemorrhage Rocker and reality television star Bret Michaels says he’s increasing his rehabilitation to twice a day after suffering a brain hemorrhage last month. Michaels said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” that he’s still having trouble moving his lower extremities … Continue reading Bret Michaels increasing rehab to twice a day

NBC is rallying around their top gun in the AM. On Wednesday, NBC issued a statement expressing its support of TODAY anchor Matt Lauer — who continues to be dogged by tabloid rumors that he has abandoned his wife of 12 years, Annette, and the couple’s three young daughters after embarking on a clandestine affair with [...] Continue reading NBC Debunks Matt Lauer Cheating Allegations

Larry David’s HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiam is Big Apple-bound. David is bringing Curb to the city for what The New York Post notes could be the comedy’s final season. Most of the show’s forthcoming 10th season will be filmed in New York City instead of Los Angeles, according to actress NYC-based star Susie Essman. [...] Continue reading “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Moving To New York City

Unlike Victoria’s Secret and GAP, eBay does not participate in the resale of used panties. Thank you very much!On Wednesday, the world’s leading auction site pulled the plug on an auction promoting the sale of used underwear that allegedly once belonged to late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Several articles of lacy lingerie — including [...] Continue reading eBay Anna Nicole Smith Underwear Auction Shutdown