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How far a celebrity can actually go into the crowd when there may be security risk to life? In these days of risky streets in the cities, no one with huge fan following will in right senses will take the tour on own will. But Katrina Kaif did just like that when she was on […] Continue reading Katrina’s another risky encounter

Robert Pattinson — as famous for his luxurious locks as he is for his eye-popping pecs — drops by Wednesday’s edition The Ellen DeGeneres Show sporting a noticeably shorter mane of hair!“It’s three days old. I got a terrible infestation of nits and I had to shave it all off,” Rob explained. “No you did […] Continue reading Robert Pattinson Haircut Makes World Debut On “Ellen”

Amisha Patel must consult someone to have more control on her anger. She even did not hesitate to slap his elderly chauffeur for a minor fault of his.
According to the details received about the incident, Amisha got overtly angry with her driver and slapped him in front of other onlookers. She almost […] Continue reading Amisha Patel abuses her old driver

Model turned actress Megan Fox has been fuming over her naked pictures being publicized on Internet.
A set insider clicked ‘Transformers’ star in her underwear while she was filming a scene for upcoming movie Passion Play and the photos were leaked just months after a pal sold topless shots of her to the tabloids, reports The […] Continue reading Megan Fox fuming over leaked naked pictures

In the global battle for operating systems, Google’s Android Smartphone has outperformed its other competitors by a huge margin.
According to a research from Gartner, Google’s operating system has taken fourth place for the first time and has displaced Microsoft’s such system from its earlier position.
Overall, the first quarter of 2010 continued to register a huge […] Continue reading Smartphones record near double growth in sales