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Kate Hudson found it hard to film a violent scene with Casey Affleck in new movie ‘The Killer Inside Me’ because she couldn’t stop laughing.
Affleck spanks the actress, while lying semi-naked on a bed in the scene.
“There were a couple (of spankings) in there when I thought, ”God, Casey!” He got a bit of power […] Continue reading Hudson couldn”t stop laughing while filming spanking scene in new film

Actress Anne Hathaway has made no claim over the gifts she received from her ex-boyfriend/scam-artist Raffaello Follieri.
The stunner, 27, had until February to file a petition asserting ownership of her gifts from con man Follieri, but neither she nor any other “third parties” have staked a claim, prosecutors claimed.
In August 20008, the actress coughed up […] Continue reading Anne Hathaway makes no claim over former conman lover’s gifts

Dustin Hoffman is set to make his directorial debut with new film ‘Quartet’.
The comedy will star Dame Maggie Smith, Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay.
“It’’s a story about people, as he (Hoffman) puts it, in their third act,” the Mirror quoted the film’’s producer Stewart Mackinnnon, as saying.
He added: “Although their faculties may be diminishing, their […] Continue reading Dustin Hoffman to make directorial debut

Word on the Curb has it that Jonathan Rhys Meyers used a racial slur against an airline employee during that drunken tirade that got him banned from United Airlines last weekend. The star of the Showtime series The Tudors reportedly used the “N” word when he was reprimanded for drunk and disorderly conduct at John […] Continue reading “Tudors” Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyer Drops N-Bomb

Demi Moore’s got a story to tell — and she hopes to do it on the pages of an upcoming memoir. On Monday, Moore’s agent, Luke Janklow, confirmed that the Ghost actress is working on her autobiography and has been meeting with publishers in New York City in hopes of selling the effort for public […] Continue reading Demi Moore Shopping Tell-All Memoir