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Roger Waters, the co-founder of the band Pink Floyd who left the band in the year 1984 will now be giving a rock performance in his concert on his recent tour.
The Wall, Pink Floyd’s double-album created the magic and left the people spell bound in the last three decades and therefore, the tour has […] Continue reading Roger Waters from Pink Floyd to Set on the Wall Tour

To gain the authority over the Oprah nation, Kitty Kelley and the autonomist supreme lady herself is battling to win the competition.
No doubt, Oprah remains to be the queen of the nation but Kitty Kelley the other competitor who has just gained the public attention due to her book “Oprah: A Biography” has something […] Continue reading Winfrey’s Biological Father Identified

Recently the rumors making news in the Hollywood are those of the actress Elizabeth Taylor. According to the rampant rumors, it is being heard that Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor is getting married to one of his dearest friend and if this happens to be true, then it would be her 9th wedding.
But the actress […] Continue reading Elizabeth Taylor Denies Her Marriage

Elin Nordegren, wife of the golf player Tiger Woods was seen at the Orlando, Fla., airport on Sunday departing from Orlando all alone when the Woods had ended up with the tournament.
The destination could not be spotted as the information regarding her private jet departure has not been revealed yet. Her two children were […] Continue reading Elin Seen on Board Alone

The “The Tonight Show” featuring Conan O’Brien at the lead which is telecasted from Monday-Thursday at 11 p.m. is speeding fast enough so as to get his show enlisted in the Emmy race. O’Brien had signed the agreement with the TBS weeks ago and is going too fast to get into the competition world.
He […] Continue reading Conan O’Brien Is Aiming at the Emmys?