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Beresford-Redman who has been a producer of Survivor for a long time has been held up recently for his wife’s body being found in a sewer in Cancun in a resort.
According to Bruce Beresford-Redman he registered a case of missing up of her wife and has been eagerly waiting to hear from her or […] Continue reading Suspecting Survivor Producer in Wife’s Death

The movie “Date Night” released worldwide on April 9, 2010 is a comedy flick featuring Tina Fey and Steve Carell in the lead character. When the casting has the most comical characters in it, then one can imagine how fun and entertaining the movie would be.
Some of the scenes one would enjoy between […] Continue reading ‘Date Night’ with Steve Carell and Tina Fey

After the success of her show daytime, the lady Oprah Winfrey is back to create the magic in evening which will begin in the early 2011. The show named as “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will feature various countries like India, China etc.
and will interview some of the famous personalities of the respective countries like the […] Continue reading Oprah Winfrey Opens a New Show

Remember the Dancing With the Stars? Now it’s Twist of Kate which will soon hit the channels any time this summer and will feature no one else but Kate Gosselin.
The series will showcase the tough life of people and their families for whom everyday in a life is a struggle whether at workplace or home […] Continue reading ‘Twist of Kate’ Kate Gosselin Casted

The punk group “Sex Pistols” former manager Malcolm McLaren recently passed away in Switzerland. McLaren has also worked with Vivienne Westwood, the designer and was his ex-partner during 1970s then turned out to be a businessman later on.
The family of McLaren was in a complete state of shock and fully desolated due to […] Continue reading Malcolm McLaren Dies at 64