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Sarah Jessica Parker who is 45 now recently said that the ladies of the Sex and the City show are definitely growing older with time but now it is the older you grow, the better you become.
On May 27, the movie’s sequel is scheduled to release featuring all the four women i.e. Cynthia Nixon, Kristin […] Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker About Age and Getting Better

Kate Gosselin who has been a mother to 8 kids has no other alternative but to work to feed them and secure their children’s future.
Her ex-husband recently charged a case against her for being an absentee parent whereas the lady reported in respond to the accusation that as being a single parent to 8 kids […] Continue reading Kate Gosselin Is Not Choosing Fame

After the schism of Jake Gyllenhaal with Reese Witherspoon, Jake is focusing more in his life and career and does not mind being single.
In May, when the actor was asked about the love of his life in GQ’s interview, he stated that it holds a significant place to search for the right woman in […] Continue reading Jake Gyllenhaal Being Single

As the artist Conan O’Brien’s has been officially employed by TBS, he made the beginning of his newly launched but temporary career on Monday night in Eugene, Oregon in a college.
The comedian Conan made began his performance with a Self-Pleasuring Panda, then entertained the people with his spoon performance. The crowd really enjoyed the […] Continue reading Tour of Conan O’Brien Live Now!

According to the recent information by a Paramount representative, Zac Efron followed now by Chace Crawford had step out from the ‘Footloose’ remake described the Entertainment Weekly.
The actor Chace Crawford, ‘Gossip Girl’ icon had abandoned from the remake of dance movie classic 1984 recently in the LOS ANGELES, California. Now a search for a […] Continue reading Chace Crawford Step out from the ‘Footloose’ Remake