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A true must-see movie

Citizenfour: The story of Edward Snowden is a complicated one, but regardless if you think he’s a hero, a patriot, a traitor, or some combination of all three, you owe it to yourself to see Citizenfour. This is a nuanced, measured, infinitely insightful look at one of the most important news events of the last several years. 

However, what… Continue reading New on DVD/Blu-ray: 'Citizenfour,' 'Big Game,' 'The Last Dragon' and More

There’s a fierce argument to be made for Mad Max: Fury Road as the year’s best movie (at least up until this point), and it’s going to be interesting to see just how much George Miller’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece will be embraced come awards time (I think it deserves to be a Best Picture contender — but we’ll see). As the film roars to… Continue reading Watch: Even the 'Mad Max' Video Game Promos Are Badass and Awesome

adam sandler pixels box office bombsNobody expected “Pixels,” Adam Sandler’s homage to Pac-Man and other vintage video games, to gobble up dollars the way Sandler’s movies used to. Yet “Pixels” still disappointed, even by Sandler’s declining standards.

Predictions were in the range of $ 25 to $ 35 million for the debut of the action comedy. At least it was supposed to premiere… Continue reading 'Pixels' Bombs: Is It Game Over for Adam Sandler? ​

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Movie Montage of the Day:

In honor of Pixels, Cineplex produced this compilation of the best of video game movies — both adapted from them and made about them (via The Playlist):

Supercut of the Day:

In honor of Southpaw, Jacob T. Swinney has edited a great montage of boxing movies… Continue reading Today in Movie Culture: The Best of Boxing Movies, The Best of Video Game Movies, Yaket Sax: Fury Road and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Movie Take-Down of the Day:

It’s Comic-Con week, and we’re getting a new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie this month (Ant-Man), so Honest Trailers rips open the first Iron Man and the expanded franchise it started:

Fan Build of the Day:

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Back to the