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Ringer: No One’s Hands Are Clean, Okay?

Ringer S01E15: “P.S. You’re An Idiot”

You know what? I like Ringer now. I don’t love it—I don’t suspect I ever will—but the show is so gleefully committed to being an overloaded mess of plot and secrets and twists that I can’t help but start to enjoy it. I’ve suspended my disbelief and I’ve stopped looking for any sort of logic to the proceedings: For the first time all season, I’m… Continue reading Ringer: No One's Hands Are Clean, Okay?


… The CW has high hopes for its new fashion reality show Remodeled, which, based on previews, is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. To help the show get off to as good a start as it can before it’s laughed off the airwaves in a spectacular fireball, The CW is airing its premiere episode thrice: once on Tuesday, January 17 after 90210, once… Continue reading News Briefs: The CW Bumps Ringer, 90210 for an Awful-Sounding Reality Show

You think you’re tired of me hating on Ringer every week? Imagine how I feel. It’s not even that this show is the worst thing I watch—oh, how I wish that were the case. It’s more that I’m frustrated by the series’ persistent mediocrity. Yes, there are twists, and every once in a while they take me by surprise, but for the most part, it’s fake-out after fake-out, clumsy character… Continue reading Rumor Has It Someone's Gonna Die on Ringer; Who Will It Be?

Ringer: Middling Malcolm

Watching Ringer is frustrating, because in many ways, the damage has already been done. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but the series has made such a bad first impression that it’s going to be difficult for it to recover. It would be one thing if Ringer was on a clear rise to greatness, but it continues to shuffle along, only occasionally offering an awesome scene or, more rarely… Continue reading Ringer: Middling Malcolm

Ringer cropped Ringer preview: Maybe we can get a dog instead?“Ringer” is having a fantastic first season, and next week’s episode looks like it’s going to up the ante even more. Check out the preview for Episode 8, “Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead.”

It appears that the FBI has enlisted the help of
Malcolm (Mike Coulter) to bring… Continue reading 'Ringer' preview: Maybe we can get a dog instead?