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The Amazing Spider Man Movie 2 The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Opens Up a Whole New Universe for the Marvel Superhero

Once again we have a Marvel superhero movie kicking off the 2014 summer movie season (though with films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier arriving before it in April, it’s pretty easy these days to question when, exactly, that season actually begins). Due out on May 2, 2014, the first full trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has just arrived online, and you can check it out… Continue reading 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Opens Up a Whole New Universe for the Marvel Superhero

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10/09/2013 at 04:56 PM ET

rihanna 300x400 Rihanna Gets a (Painful Looking) Maori Tattoo; We Cant Even Watch the Whole VideoCourtesy Tiki Taane

Never let it be said that Rihanna isn’t willing to experience pain for her art. The singer suffers in silence throughout the whole unbelievable process of getting a traditional Polynesian tribal tattoo in New Zealand — and chronicles it on film

justin deeley drop dead diva Drop Dead Diva: Justin Deeley on the whole shirtless thingWhen Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva” made its fifth-season premiere on Sunday, June 23, fans got a look at new cast member Justin Deeley (“90210″), who plays Paul, the current guardian angel of the soul of fashionable Deb, who’s living in the body of lawyer Jane (Brooke Elliott).

After that look, there wasn’t a very large percentage of Deeley’s fit body that remained a mystery. But… Continue reading 'Drop Dead Diva': Justin Deeley on the whole shirtless thing

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TAYLOR MANOFSTEEL R PRESS Best of the Week: A Whole Lot of Superman, Remembering Cant Hardly Wait, and More

How ‘The Purge’ Reveals the “Secret Formula” to a Successful Horror Movie by Scott Weinberg

Watch: the Schmoes Review ‘The Purge,’ ‘The Internship’ and ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Movies.com

‘Man of Steel’ Spoiler-Free Review: Our Superman Expert Answers Your 10 Most Burning Questions by Jeffrey Taylor

Why ‘Man of Steel’ Is the Best Superman Movie by Erik Davis

Judgment Dave: The Other Superman Movies You Didn’t Know Existed by… Continue reading Best of the Week: A Whole Lot of Superman, Remembering 'Can't Hardly Wait,' and More

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    This year’s winners!

  • Most Extreme Role Adjustment

    <strong>WINNER:</strong> Kristen Stewart, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ And “On The Road” The epic variance of these roles cannot be understated. Stewart went from playing the sweet, naive Bella (hesitant to kiss) to playing the sexually rebellious Marylou (multiple sexual partners) — literally a cinematic leap for the young actress.

  • Best Singing by Men (Ensemble)

    <strong>WINNER:</strong> “The Hobbit” Dwarves You’d think “Les Miserables” would win