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Reality TV has given us many gifts over the years, but it has also exacted steep fees from some individuals whose lives were stolen, chewed up and consumed by various shows. Continue reading 15 Lives Ruined by Reality Television

Here are 15 athletes that may one day be party of Satan’s fantasy league.

Sick of the crap that kids are expected to watch on television now? Feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days of Nickelodeon, the golden age when cartoons were still hand-drawn, and your favorite characters were wearing spandex, over-sized T-shirts, and mullets? Well, dig out your Walkmans and Gak, because here are the 15 best shows that Nickelodeon brought to the 90’s.

The quest to become an actor in Hollywood is humiliating as it is. You would think that getting some work in a major motion picture means you’re done with the embarrassing pandering.

In our era of the increasingly obnoxious workplace, sometimes it becomes just too much to be asked to keep it all bottled up until we get home. Here are some who found the task beyond them and went totally postal on the job.