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Pint-sized MTV star Snooki has battled her weight for years, ballooning up with on the Jersey Shore, getting fit in the gym and then making healthy gains while pregnant with her baby, but she is vowing to maintain her healthy size now and promises “I’m never going back to anorexia again.”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, 26, has dropped 44 pounds since she gave birth to Lorenzo, but… Continue reading Snooki: I’ll Never Be Anorexic Again

Megan Fox3Megan Fox looked quite skeletal in a new advertisement for fashion label Armani, but her personal trainer says the actress is not anorexic at all. Celebrity fitness expert Harley Pasternak, who works with Fox, says the 24-year-old struggles to gain weight because of her “fast metabolism”, reports dailymail.co.uk. “She gets frustrated at times because she’s […] Continue reading Megan Fox not anorexic, says trainer

Portia De Rossi hits Oprah’s couch on today’s episode, and the “Arrested Development” star will be making some shocking admissions about her past… Continue reading Portia De Rossi comes clean on anorexic past

White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi has dismissed claims that she has anorexia. During the season premiere of Bravo”s ‘Real Housewives of DC,’ Salahi came under fire when cast member Lynda Erkiletian criticized her stick-thin figure, calling her ‘anorexic.’ However, Salahi brushed off the eating disorder digs. “One person might think I”m anorexic or skinny; another […] Continue reading Michaele Salahi insists she’s not ‘anorexic’