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In theory, the movies that I’m most anticipating based on the buzz out of Sundance should be those with the highest praises. That can be dangerous, though, as festival hype can easily lead to expectations that are impossible to meet. At the same time, I am way too curious about Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which is being called nothing short of “a masterpiece,” to not be at… Continue reading Which Sundance 2014 Movies Are You Now Most Anxious to See?

Actress Rachel Weisz is already feeling the huge responsibility of playing Jacqueline Kennedy in husband Darren Aronofsky’’s new film – because she’’s a Brit portraying an American icon.
The Mummy star will be play the role of Jackie and the film will portray Jackie’s life and how she coped with her husband President John F. Kennedy’s […] Continue reading Rachel Weisz anxious about playing Jackie Kennedy