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bachelorette constantine 440 Bachelorette: Constantine Did Not Have Feelings of Marriage for Ashley

Ashley and Constantine on The Bachelorette

Guy D’Alema/ABC

Things were moving slow but steady between The Bachelorette‘s Ashley Hebert and Constantine Tzortzis. After hitting a high note on their hometown date in Atlanta, they frolicked in Fiji but when the fantasy suite key came out, the 30-year-old restaurant owner called it… Continue reading Bachelorette: Constantine Did Not Have 'Feelings of Marriage' for Ashley

ashley hebert 1 240 Ashley Hebert: Im So Happy, So in Love

Ashley Hebert

Craig Sjodin

After being roasted to her face, ridiculed behind her back, led on by the season’s villain, walked out on by two men and reduced to tears on too many occasions to count, it was hard to believe The Bachelorette‘s Ashley Hebert would eventually find her happily ever after.

“There were certainly moments… Continue reading Ashley Hebert: 'I'm So Happy, So in Love'

constantine 440 Ashley Heberts Final Three: Who Should She Pick?

Ben, Constantine and J.P. from The Bachelorette

Craig Sjodin/ABC

As Ashley Hebert continues her quest for love on The Bachelorette, three potential suitors remain to be her leading man.

There are Ben Flajnik, the California wine maker; Constantine Tzortiz, the Atlanta-based restaurant owner whose family won her over on their hometown date; and J.P… Continue reading Ashley Hebert's Final Three: Who Should She Pick?

ames 300 Bachelorette: Ames Talks About Very Painful Break up with Ashley

Ames Brown

Craig Sjodin/ABC

He stepped-up his romantic game during the hometown date, but The Bachelorette‘s Ashley Hebert still wasn’t feeling a “spark” for Ames Brown, a New York City-based portfolio manager, world traveler and all-around Renaissance man. After being crushed for several weeks, Ames, 31, spoke with reporters about his feelings for Ashley… Continue reading Bachelorette: Ames Talks About 'Very Painful' Break-up with Ashley

ashley hebert 1 240 Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert Meets the Families

Ashley Hebert

Craig Sjodin

Ashley Hebert has traveled around the world on her quest for love – and on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette her journey continued to the hometowns of her final four.

Keep reading to find out what happened at home with Constantine, Ames, Ben F. and J.P., which guys got a rose (and a trip… Continue reading Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert Meets the Families