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kaufmanpost Being John Malkovichs Charlie Kaufman is Creating a TV Show    Heres What Its About


Production on Charlie Kaufman‘s crowdfunded Anomalisa — an animated short about a depressed motivational speaker — started last November. While we wait to see more of the project, let’s turn our attention to an announcement from FX (via Vulture) that the director is developing a half-hour comedy for the network called How and Why. The sitcom will be focused on an idiot savant-type character that… Continue reading 'Being John Malkovich's Charlie Kaufman is Creating a TV Show -- Here's What It's About

Warning: You could be framed for something you didn’t do at any given moment. Maybe even by your own government, whether intentionally or due to a misunderstanding. Will you know what to do if this happens? If not, Hollywood might be able to help, as “wrong man” scenarios have been around about as long as movies have existed, and a lot of them have involved conspiracies within government agencies.

In “G.I… Continue reading How to Survive Being Framed by the Government (According to the Movies)

Steven Spielberg’s classic film “Schindler’s List” depicts the horrors of the Holocaust in unflinching detail, and for one of its young stars, that detail was once too haunting to handle.

Oliwia Dabrowska, who portrayed Red Genia, often referred to solely as “the girl in the red coat,” was one of the most iconic parts of the movie, as the flash of color she wore was the only hue in the film… Continue reading 'Schindler's List' Girl in the Red Coat Was 'Ashamed' of Being in Steven Spielberg Classic

She is the hottest supermodel of the moment, landing the most coveted magazine covers, snagging Victoria’s Secret Angel wings and having flings with Harry Styles, but there is a definite and dark downside to being young, gorgeous and in demand!

Cara Delevingne, who is featured on the March 2013 cover of British Vogue being touted as  “Model of the year,” reveals in a video interview with the magazine that although… Continue reading Supermodel Bemoans Downside Of Being A Professional Poser ‘No Sleep, Working 78 Consecutive Days, High Heels!’


Daniel Craig returns in this 23rd official James Bond outing as the secret agent is torn between his dedication to the agency… Read More


Moviefone’s New Release Pick of the Week“Skyfall”What’s It About? Daniel Craig returns as the perma-suave agent who is charged with protecting MI6 and M (Judi Dench) from a ridiculously coiffed villain (Javier Bardem) hell-bent on revenge.See It Because: The movie… Continue reading New DVD Blu-Ray: 'Skyfall,' 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'