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Tamra Judge is speaking out in support of alleged child molester Josh Duggar, and fans are furious! The Real Housewives Of Orange County star posted on Facebook that she had “mixed emotions” about Josh Duggar, citing his age at the time of the alleged incident. “I don’t know the whole story and I know the press likes to blow things up,” she said in a comment

claire-danes-damian-lewis-recap-206-homeland.jpg“Homeland’s” intelligence agencies suffered terrible casualties on tonight’s (Nov. 4) episode, “A Gettysburg Address,” which saw the famous Pennsylvania town again become a battlefield — in America’s war on terrorism.

This time, the consecrated ground was the shop of Bassel the tailor, the bomb maker whom Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) killed. So was the traitor turned informant also to blame for the deaths of Carrie Mathison’s… Continue reading 'Homeland' - 'A Gettysburg Address' recap: Is Brody to blame for another terrorist attack?

Lying about one’s age in Hollywood has been great for actresses since the start of motion pictures. Imagine Jean Arthur kicking off her fame in her late 30s now, or starring in Shane in her 50s. And it wasn’t just to seem younger. Think of Traci Lords. Umm, never mind. Nor was it just women. Laurence Fishburne said he was older to get… Continue reading The Conversation: Is IMDb Really to Blame for Hollywood's Age Discrimination Issue?

No one saw it coming. No one was prepared for this … except, maybe, a good portion of you General Hospital fans. Now the search is out for the culprit who failed to stop his (or her) car when that little bugger Jake dashed across the street. Chuckle all you want at the amount of tears shed over

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train fire5Three more youths succumbed to their injuries in the train rooftop accident in Uttar Pradesh, taking the death toll to 17, officials said Wednesday. The authorities continue to pass the buck over why hundreds of youths were allowed to sit atop a train, which led to the victims being crushed by an overbridge. The accident […] Continue reading Train rooftop accident toll 17, blame game on